Fairwell from Save a Mexican Mutt

12.5 years, 680 dogs, and nearly 5000 sterilizations later it is time to say good bye to this part of this life. SAMM has been a labour of love for all these years.

There are so many wonderful people to thank who showed their love and compassion in a multitude ways over the years:

  • those who rescued, fostered, rehabilitated one or more deserving dogs,
  • those amazing veterinarians who gave us a discount, saw us without appointments, and hugged us when we had to make the tough decisions,
  • those who took time from their lives to do home visits,
  • those who adopted a dog or dogs forever and meant it,
  • those amazing rescue organizations and shelters that took some SAMM dogs and puppies and found them fabulous homes,
  • those who gave a dog or two or four a ride to a new and good life,
  • those who gave their hard earned money to SAMM to help more dogs (and cats),
  • those who donated all sort of needed supplies,
  • and those who volunteered their time and energy to help organize and work at SAMM sterilization clinics.

In some sort of cosmic balancing act all of your kindness and generosity equalized so much suffering for so many animals. THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart.

At the end of March 2015, SAMM will no longer exist. There are many, many other organizations and independent rescuers that you can direct your energy toward. And, I hope you will.


With sincere thanks,

Kelly Karger

P.S. We are still 100% committed to all the dogs we have placed over the years. Should you be an adopter of a SAMM dog and need to contact us for any reason please contact me.