Dog Treats – The Best Time To Treat Them

Pet treats are of great importance. They can be a great asset when given at the right time. If you find it difficult for your dog not to follow you or listen to you even after a treat, there is something wrong with your timing or your reason. To help you practice the right time to give it to your pet, here are some guidelines that can solve all your confusion and help you administer the treatment easily with all the positive results.


When to give your dogs treats?

Ideally, treats should be given between meals. Never forget to include treats in dog food. Try to find your dog’s taste and taste and choose a treat that will please your dog. It is also very useful when you train your dog. In addition, your treat will not be an encouraging tool if you are likely to give it right after meals. Therefore, be sure to give the treat only between meals and not immediately before or after meals.

One of the best techniques to please is to hold it in your hand between the first two fingers and thumb. Then let your dog sniff it out to find out it’s there. The golden role here is: first the nose, then the mouth and ears! Starting with a dog’s nose is very rewarding because you are using the most important part of his brain.

In addition, as your dog sniffs and takes an interest, slowly lift the treat above the height of his nose and gradually move it over his head and slightly back towards his shoulders. The goal is to sit your dog on his buttocks, lower his shoulders back and raise his head.

Lift the treat slowly and easily so that your dog’s nose follows it in your hand. When your dog jumps on your hand, remove it. The second time, bring your hand near the treat to his head. As soon as she begins to follow the treat with her nose and eyes and puts her butt on the floor, say: “Sit down”, calmly and slowly, and give her the treat. Say gently so as not to disturb your dog. Also, don’t forget not to overexcite your furry friend, as he could lose his lesson in all this chaos.

Dog treats are about showing a sense of affection. If it is given suddenly, it will not lead to the expected results. Treats must be given at the right time for the right reason. If you don’t follow the rules or be consistent when you give your furry friend a treat, you can confuse your doggie in a significant way. Make sure to give treats as a reward for good behaviour or show affection after a good deed.

It is essential to treat your pet at the right time and at the right opportunity, as this will promote positive behaviour in your furry companion.