Useful Information For The First Time Passport Applicant

When you travel beyond the borders of the country in which you were born, it is essential that you have documents confirming the status of a citizen. This is the only way you can cross borders to get to other countries. The process for the first time a passport applicant is not difficult to go through and following these simple tips fromĀ passport pictures chicago will help.

The forms that you will need to complete can be obtained from the Internet. When you go to a passport agent, you must take it with you. You must fill it out completely, but do not sign it before getting into the agent. You will do this when you submit it in person.

There are several things you will need to bring with you to prove that you are legally a citizen of your country. This usually means having a certified copy of your birth certificate. There are also other means to prove this if you do not have a birth certificate. In any case, you must prove your nationality, no matter what your nationality is.

You will have to bring an identity card that shows your photo. A driving licence is usually sufficient. There may be other options you can use, but you will need to confirm this in order to have the appropriate proof of identity. Your application should have a list of appropriate options.

As part of the application process, the next step is to take a photo that will be included in your passport. You can go to places that specialize in photography, such as studios and shops that sell cameras. You will need to have a current photo not older than half a year. This is because they need to look the same as you do now. If you wear glasses regularly, you should wear them in the picture. It is recommended that you wear regular clothes and refrain from wearing anything on your head.

Your pictures must be in colour and you must have two of them. Sizes must have a specific dimension, which is outlined in the application. They are usually taken with a white or similar background. You cannot smile or pose on these pictures and you have to look straight ahead at the camera.

As soon as you have this information ready, you can bring it to the nearest passport office. The price will vary depending on how much time you need to get it to you. If you need it earlier than the normal processing time, it will cost you a little more. There is a special agency office you will need to go to a fast processing time.

When you are dealing with your first application for a passport, you should not have problems filling it in. This will require some effort, but in the end you will find that it was quite easy. There are many websites that are beneficial to those who have questions, or who have problems filling in forms. You can also get these forms online by downloading them. They are also available at the passport or post office.